There are many factors that contribute to the overall picture quality with any camera. 
The number of pixels, the lense size, Image sensor and compression method are all to be considered. 
And of course, we need to see of a night, so IR quality is of utmost importance. 

There is no better way to compare cameras than to have them looking at the same subject at the same time. 
For our test we put 5 of our most popular cameras from Micron, Dahua and Hikvision,
all set up on a single board together.

The 24/7 color cameras use a light to achieve color at night,
as a result we tested this camera separately at night so the light did not affect the other camera images. 

These are all new cameras with factory settings recorded using a Hikvision NVR.

Check out the pages below showing examples of these cameras in different lighting situations. 

Daytime still shots including Number plate at 10 metres
Daytime still shots including Number plate at 20 metres
Evening still shots at including number plate at 15 metres

Night time still shots front yard

Night time still shots in back yard

Night time video car entering driveway with headlights

Night time video back yard walk by

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