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Micron Black diamond series 4k NVR with 4mp cameras 

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The Micron black diamond series has proven to be a very reliable unit with many happy customers over the past few years. 

Commercial grade, Easy to use, well priced!

100% free app set up on your phone/s for live viewing and playback. 

Record videos or take snapshots and share directly from your phone. 

These units outperform the similar priced "retail DIY" units in every way including picture quality,

reliability, durability, warranty, hard drive size, IP rating (water resistance level) the list goes on. 

We have installed countless numbers of these units with fantastic results.

Also available as DIY with cabling made to your required lengths

Available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 Channel

Surveillance spec hard drive to ensure longevity from recording 24/7

NVR with 4k picture quality meaning crisp clear images.

IPN42 4 Channel NVR Specifications click here

IPN82/IPN16 8/16 Channel NVR Specifications click here

Micron 2.8mm fixed lense turret cameras

104 degree wide angle cameras ensure you capture a wide field of view

Available in 4mp, 5mp and 8mp models

30m IR (Infra red) illuminator. Perfect detail even in pitch black conditions 

IPC4T 4mp fixed 2.8mm Turret Camera specifications click here

IPC5T 5mp Turret Camera specifications click here

IPC8T 8mp Turret Camera specifications click here

Micron Motorised lense range to ensure the perfect field of view. 

Wide angle of 91 degree and zoom up to 27 degrees for that long distance shot

Available in 4mp, 5mp and 8mp models

30m IR (Infra red) illuminator. 

IPC4TAF 4mp motorised auto focus 2.7-12mmTurret Camera specifications click here

IPC5TAF 5mp motorised auto focus 2.7-12mm urret Camera specifications click here

IPC8TAF 8mp motorised auto focus 2.8-12mm Turret Camera specifications click here

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