Frequently asked questions

  • CCTV - Professional equipment Vs Retail brands
We have all heard the expression "you get what you pay for" which is true most of the time. However the retail brands have
fantastic marketing designed to fool you into believing their system is much better than they really are. 
None of the retailers use the brands they sell! Go check for yourself. There can only be one reason for this!
We only deal with pro level equipment at ASG and here is why:
-  First and foremost make sure you are not comparing "apples to oranges". The cheap $400 kits you see in retail stores are analogue systems with very poor quality cabling not capable of running a camera of any higher quality. These cameras are often 720p/1080p and not comparable to the high quality HD cameras we supply and install.
- Correct hardware is very important. All of our systems use "surveillance spec" hard drives which are designed to run 24/7 as required in a CCTV system. 
- Pricing. When comparing retail IP systems Vs our pro IP systems, most people are surprised to find the prices are very much on par.
Our commercial quality systems are undeniably being better in all areas, all of which we can explain in great detail if required.
  • Picture quality. See it with your own eyes with a free obligation free site demonstration
  • Warranty (retails products usually 1 year, our equipment ranges from 2-4 years)
  • Reliability. do your research on the retail/eBay brands. 
  • IP ratings (the level of water and dust resistance per device)
  • Camera chipsets (The electronics that differ a cheap 4mp from a quality 4mp)
  • Hard disk capacity to you requirements (surveillance spec drives, designed to run 24/7)
  • Cabling. We use only highest of quality cabling like Garland Cat5e and Cat6 cable.
  • Upgradability's. Cat5e is capable of running any cameras available in the world. Cat6 is 10x faster than that!
  • Post sales support. We have local technicians available for questions, advice, programming or site visits. 
  • What is the difference between IP cameras and Analog?
The advances in electronics have led us to high speed data over ethernet cable. While we do have HDCVI - 8mp/4k quality available over coax, we use those only to upgrade existing analogue systems if the current cabling is compatible.
Cat5e/Cat6 cable is very commonly used in internet points in any house or business. Capable of speeds higher than any camera currently on the market and is around half the price of coax combo cable. Future upgrades are very simple because ethernet cable is the cabling of the future! There is little if any R+D time being spent on trying to get higher quality across coax. If you are thinking long term future, Cat6 is a slightly more expensive option, but its capabilities are 10x that of Cat5e. 
On top of this, most IP equipment is POE compatible (Power over ethernet), meaning the device (in this case a camera) is powered by the NVR (recorder) and no other power supply is required. So we now have NO power supply failures making the IP range even more reliable 
So its CHEAPER, MORE RELIABLE, and set up for FUTURE UPGRADES. If an installer recommends a "new analog system", we highly recommend a new installer!
  • I have a analog system currently installed, what are my options and why should I upgrade
As it stands we can upgrade you to an 8mp (4k) DVR over a good quality coax cable. We use digital cameras that send data to the limits of the cable. The quality of these systems is fantastic and is a huge upgrade in video quality at a very reasonable price.
Some of the "better" analog systems in recent years were 720p HD quality. (under 1 mega pixel). This is like comparing an old DVD to a HD Blu-ray DVD when compared to the 4mp or 8mp currently available. 
PLEASE NOTE: these cameras will NOT run across the very thin cables supplied with "CCTV kits" purchased from retails stores and online auction sites etc. Unfortunately for those systems, you are already at your limit and we would recommend re-cabling to IP equipment. 
  • Will my alarm (new or existing) work with the NBN?
Most alarm panels were designed to utilise the old copper line technology way before the NBN was ever thought about. In practice some do work however may prove to be intermittent. Alarm and Surveillance Group highly recommend not trusting your security to mismatched technology and using a 3G or 4G dialler in place of the hard wired line, which gives the added bonus of removing the ability to "cut the phone line" by a would-be intruder
  • Hardwired or Wireless? and what is the radio range of wireless?
Simply put, Hardwire everything you can, Use wireless when running cables is impossible. Radio range is a very tricky question as it is very dependent on the environment. Any metal (concrete reinforcement, metal framed houses, metal cabinets etc) all work as a shield (faraday) against radio transmissions, radio "noise" is also possible from various sources. There is also the ongoing batteries to replace every 3-5 years.
  • Can I use my alarm remote to control my gate and/or roller door too?

YES! We have a few options available for 4 button remote controls that will arm/disarm and control 2 other outputs of choice (gate, roller door/s, lights etc). No cable going from the house to the electric gate? NO PROBLEM! We have stand alone options available that require nothing but power from the gate!


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