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Hikvision DS7600 series 4k NVR 

Hikvision are known as the "best in the biz" amongst professional installers! A very large product range of quality equipment, we are confident we can get the results you are after using this well respected product. 

Our stock is all 100% genuine Australian standard approved.

The ability to interface with the Hikvision IP intercoms and wireless alarms devices make them the best choice for a complete and easy to use home security package

They say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" which is true when you are No 1.

Beware of fakes, these units are poor quality and will fail when you need it most. 

All our stock is guaranteed genuine product!

Hikvision 7600 series 4 channel NVR. Specifications click here

Hikvision 7600 series 8/16/32 channel NVR. Specifications click here

Hikvision 8mp Acusense turret camera. Specifications click here

Check out the Hikvision acusense camera in the pictures and footage below. 

taken direct from the Hikconnect app. fast and easy!

Day time Vehicle @ 10 metres

Van daylight 10m Hikvision 8mp.jpg

Day time Vehicle @ 20 metres

Van daylight 20m Hivision 8mp accusense.jpg

Twilight Vehicle @ 20 metres

Front yard night time app snapshot Hikvision 8mp accusense 2.jpeg

Night time I.R. mode - very dark condition.

Back yard night time app snapshot Hikvision 8mp Accusense 2.jpeg

Night time video - car entering 

Night time video - Dark condition 

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