Security alarms

We specialise in NESS and Bosch brands of alarms. An extensive history with both brands means we know them well!

In fact, we are often called upon from other companies when they are lost and need someone to step in.

Both excel in different areas, so speak to us about what system best suits our needs. 


NESS alarms are a 100% owned and operated Australian company, with their manufacturing and design team located in Seven hills, NSW. With a varied array of keypads ensured to suit any design of house. 

Soon to be released is the D8/16XCel 4G system. A high security option with no phone lines to intercept. 

We are an authorised NESS dealer who can sign you up to their back to base monitoring and get the bonus of lifetime parts warranty for the whole time you are monitored. 

LUX PIR brochure pic.jpg
NESS RK4 clean GIF.gif

The LUX detector range has the simple addition of a switchable night light. It will auto detect low light conditions, then light up the room just enough to keep you safe as you enter. 

It also boasts an optional "PET IMMUNE" switch. Until now you had to choose which type of detector you wanted installed, now you flick a switch on the arrival of that new puppy and save money!

NESS D8/16xcel 3g brochure 

NESS LUX hard wired PIR brochure

NESS LUX radio PIR brochure


Bosch are one of the biggest names in the world and for good reason. They have a great proven track record of quality and innovative products. the Bosch 2000/3000 series alarms have a simple free app available with no ongoing costs that has proven to be a winner with many of our customers. LCD and touch screen keypads available. 

Bosch 2000/3000 series alarm                      Brochure 

RSC+ App for 200/300 (apple and android)  Brochure  Bosch 6000 series alarm                              Brochure  

Bosch GEN2 blue line PIR hardwired         Brochure 

Bosch GEN2 Radion blue line radio PIR     Brochure​         

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Alarm and Surveillance Group are a family owned and operated business, offering security solutions to residential and commercial properties. 
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