When it comes to intercoms, we have narrowed it down to two brands. 

Micron for any retrofits and Dahua's IP range for any new installs. 

Both have the ability to call your phone with no ongoing costs or contracts. 

Micron intercoms

IP series intercom pic.jpg

Just recently released, this intercom has proven invaluable and a cost effective way for upgrading older systems that already have a 4-core cable in place. 

The system then connects via wi-fi to call your phone when you are not home.

- 1080p camera with Infra red illumination. 

- Photos or video at each ring of the door bell.

- Up to 2 door bells and 4 monitors with the ability to call room to room

- Stainless steel doorbell (30 degree mounting block included)

- Room stations available in Black and White. 

7" Touch button intercom  Brochure

7" Touch screen intercom  Brochure

Dahua/VIP Vision G series

Touch screen intercoms

VIP G series intercom brochure pic.jpg

A true IP system that from a company with the proven track record, Dahua!

Available in black and white touch screens, these units will call your phone when no one is home. 

If no one answers the user is prompted to leave a video message which can be retrieved from your monitor. 

- 160 degree field of view with IR illumination

- Stainless steel door bell (available in surface mount or flush mount)

- 7" monitor Available in black or white

- Up to 2 door bells and 4 monitors with the ability to call room to room

- Integrate with your CCTV system for 24/7 recording

7" Touch Screen G Series intercom  Brochure

10" Touch Screen G Series intercom  Brochure

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